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(2Pack) Natural Miswak Sticks

(2Pack) Natural Miswak Sticks

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Brand: NaturalMiswak


  •  High Quality, Organic & Effective - Experience the benefits of using a natural miswak toothbrush that using nothing but the finest natural organic bark of the salvadora persica tree, which produces a natural peelu miswak rich in fluorine, silica and a host of antibiotic compounds. A natural solution to a brighter smile!
  •  Smile Confidently Again - Three natural toothbrushes help to effectively and quickly remove years of stains caused by 16+ reasons such as coffee, tea, wine, smoking, soda, food, smoking and more. Miswak whitening kit is mess-free and easy to use in the privacy of your home, without expensive dentist visits.
  •  Convenient & Travel-Friendly & Economical - Unlike other teeth whitening products and kits, our teeth whitening miswak sticks are designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible for your beautiful smile. Miswak sticks come with cases so that you can carry your natural toothbrush with you.
  •  Enjoy Professional Whitening at Half The Cost! Stop wasting money and time in a dental chair. Regain your youthful, stain-free smile in the privacy of your home, for a fraction of the cost.
  •  How to Use - Trim the bark off by 1/2 inch of one end of the stick with a knife. Dip the bristly end in water or rosewater for a pleasant scent. Hold it like a toothbrush. Now, start brushing! Press the bristly tip of the stick into your teeth and move it gently up and down to scrub their front surfaces. Don't press extra-hard. Your goal is to gently scrub the teeth, not scrape or gouge them. After every 3 days cut off old bristles and trim again.
  • 【 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】The satisfaction of our customers always comes first above everything else. If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our Miswak, we’re happy to offer you a 30-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee with no questions asked. This way, you can try it full of confidence without worrying about wasting your money.

Details: Natural Miswak Sticks for Teeth - 2 Pack - Vacuum Sealed Organic Teeth Whitening Miswak Kit with Holders - Natural Toothbrush for Whiter Teeth, Fresher Breath - No Toothpaste Needed

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.2 x 0.7 inches


100% natural bark of peelu tree.

How to use


Trim 1/2 inch the bark off of one end of the twig. Simply hold the miswak gently and knife in the other hand. Now, start trimming the bark carefully. Many traditional miswak practitioners trim the bark 1 inch minimum and 2 inches maximum.


Chew the bark off of one end of the twig. Start by chewing off of the bark at either end of the twig. Stop when you've exposed an inch or so of the wood underneath. Spit out and discard the bark.


Soak the tip in water. To perform miswak in the traditional style, simply dip the bristly end of the twig in water (like you would before adding toothpaste to a toothbrush). Alternatively, many traditional miswak practitioners use rosewater in place of ordinary water for its pleasant scent.


Hold the miswak twig with one thumb underneath. Traditionally, miswak sticks are held by putting the thumb of the right hand just below and behind the bristly tip, putting the little finger under the back of the stick, and wrapping the remaining three fingers over the top.


Brush your teeth with the bristled end. Now, start brushing! Press the bristly tip of the stick into your teeth and move it gently up and down to scrub their front surfaces. Move slowly around your mouth, don't press extra-hard — your goal is to gently scrub the teeth, not scrape or gouge them.


Cut off old bristles every few days. Keep your miswak stick fresh by using a knife (or your bare hands) to cut or break off the old bristles when they become worn. your bristles' average lifespan will vary. In general, you'll want to cut your stick's bristles away every time they get the appearance of an old, ratty broom. Usually, this will mean cutting them every few days.


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  • Natural

    We only harvest the finest
    natural miswak sticks.

  • Recyclable

    All packaging is recyclable and eco conscious.

  • Halal

    Our entire collection is halal and cruelty free.

  • Donation

    For every sale we make, we donate a portion to charity.

“Our mission is to provide high quality natural miswak sticks that are 100% organic alternate of toothbrush & toothpaste.”

FKH, Founder